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Stop paying for cage rentals! Our membership options are the best value on the market! Sorry, but 1-2 team practices per week isn’t going to make your athlete a better hitter! Check out our membership options and sign up below. 

If you need to book a one time cage rental, give us a call at 760-579-0043 to book one of our batting cages. Our front desk staff will be happy answer questions regarding lessons, camps, clinics, and teams as well.

Select your Membership option below. Once you complete your purchase, your receipt will be emailed to you with instructions about booking on the 5T App!

Gold Monthly


24 hour advance


1/2 hour tunnel time daily


Platinum Monthly Membership


48 hour advance


1 hour tunnel time daily




1/2 Hour

  • 1 Cage w/ Machine – $30
  • 1 Cage w/ Softball Machine – $30
  • 1 Cage No Machine – $25

1 Hour

  • 1 Cage w/ Machine – $50
  • 1 Cage w/ Softball Machine – $50
  • 1 Cage No Machine – $40
Membership Note: Memberships will be automaticaly charged monthly on the day they are purchased each month. Memberships are for individual use only, not team use, or for lessons use. The guest fee for memberships is $10. We will charge a $25 no show fee for members who do not show up for their appointments or cancel within 2 hours of their appointment. Prorated memberships will not be given upon signing up or cancelling. To cancel your membership, please fill out the "Cancel Membership" tab on the website.

Batting Cage Types

Machine Cage

In our app “Machine Cage” are identified as baseball or softball machine and “auto” means they are self-feeding. Cage comes equipped with screen, baseballs/softballs, and batting tee.

Batting Cage

In our app “Batting Cage” is a 70 foot batting cage. Cage comes equipped with screen, baseballs/softballs, and batting tee.

Training Cage

In our app “Training Cage” is a 40-45 foot batting cage. Cage comes equipped with screen, baseballs/softballs, and batting tee.

Membership FAQ’s:

How do I cancel my membership? Cancelling is easy. Just go to the “Membership Cancellation” tab on the top of our website and input your information. Our staff will not cancel your membership over the phone, or in person, you will be directed to the website. No exceptions. Here’s the link:

Are machine cages included in both Memberships? Yes.  

How to I reserve a cage? You can book a cage by calling us 760-579-0043 during our business hours (M-F 2:00pm-8:30pm, Sat-Sunday 9:00am-2:00pm). The easiest way is to download the 5 Tool App. It’s titled 5TAHC and can be found in both Apple and Android App stores. 

Is there a contract? Our memberships have two-month minimums and then are month-to-month after that!

Is there any membership booking restrictions? Yes. Gold Members can book cages 1 day in advance and Platinum Members can book 2 days in advance.

How do I upgrade my membership? Simply purchase a new membership and then send us an email about your upgrade and we’ll take care of the cancellation/prorate/refund on our end.

I’m not receiving any email notifications, can you help? Go into your app settings and make sure the email on file is correct. Check your notification settings on both your app and your phone. Lastly, check your spam/junk folder. 

Is there a deposit or a yearly fee? Nope! The only payment due when you sign up is your first months payment. 

What is my payment date? Payment date is the same calendar day of the month that you signed up on (Example: You started your membership on 8/5, you will be charged on 9/5, 10/5, ect.)

I cancelled my membership and was charged the next day, what gives? We’re a family owned business and cancel each membership individually. Our management with cancellation and refund authorities work Monday-Friday. Don’t stress, we’ll make it right and refund the amount. 

Can I bring guests? Yes. Each guest is $10 per visit or you will be charged the full cage amount – whichever amount comes first. 

Can I bring a team under my Membership? No. You may book using your membership privileges on our app, but you will be charged the full cage amount. 



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