Youth Pitching Programs For Ages 10-12

Welcome to an exciting and transformative pitching program designed exclusively for young baseball pitchers ages 10-12. This unique opportunity is led by Troy Rallings, a former Pac 12 Pitcher of the Year and NCAA All-American, whose wealth of experience and expertise will inspire and guide aspiring young pitchers on their journey to excellence.

Program Highlights:

1. Fundamental Skill Development:
– Troy Rallings, with his exceptional background, will provide hands-on instruction to help young pitchers establish a solid foundation in fundamental pitching skills.
– Focus on proper pitching mechanics, grip techniques, and foundational throwing principles.

2. Building Arm Strength:
– Troy’s proven methods for developing arm strength will be integrated into the program to ensure young pitchers build the necessary foundation for future success.
– Emphasis on age-appropriate exercises and drills to enhance arm durability and prevent injuries.

3. Mental Approach to Pitching:
– Beyond physical skills, Troy will share insights on the mental aspects of pitching, teaching young athletes how to approach the game with confidence and a winning mindset.
– Strategies for handling pressure situations and maintaining focus on the mound.

4. Customized Training Plans:
– Each participant will receive personalized attention, with Troy Rallings tailoring instruction to individual strengths and areas for improvement.
– Specific drills and exercises designed to address the unique needs of pitchers in the 10-12 age group.

5. Interactive Sessions:
– Engaging and interactive sessions where young pitchers can ask questions, receive immediate feedback, and learn from one of the best in the field.
– Live demonstrations and practical exercises to reinforce key concepts.

Program Duration:
– The program will run over a series of weeks, ensuring a comprehensive and gradual approach to skill development.

Who Should Join:
– Baseball pitchers aged 10-12 looking to enhance their skills and passion for the game.
– Coaches and parents interested in gaining insights into effective youth pitching development.

Why Choose This Program:
– Learn from Troy Rallings, a distinguished former Pac 12 Pitcher of the Year and NCAA All-American.
– Develop a strong foundation in pitching fundamentals and arm care.
– Gain a competitive edge with personalized training plans and insights from an expert.

Secure your spot in this exclusive youth pitching development program overseen by Troy Rallings. Limited spaces are available, so register today and empower the young pitcher in your life with the knowledge and skills needed for success on the baseball diamond!

Wednesdays: 6:00-7:00 Thursdays 5:00-6:00

Cost: $160 per month (4 sessions)